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Work Weekend 2024

Join us May 17-19 for Camp Story's Annual Work Weekend. 

Camp Story needs lots of helping hands to ensure all of the projects around camp get completed before we can open for the summer season. 

Some of these projects include:

- cleaning all windows and window sills in every  building

- sanitizing both sides of all bunk bed mattresses and frames

- deep cleaning of all buildings and structures
-raking and burning pine needles on all pathways, roads, and within 20ft of every building 

-hauling and chopping wood 

- painting the frames of the bunk beds in Ferren and Buswell cabin

- sealing the inside of the lodge 

For those who are gifted in construction there are some projects that need completed: 

-building the new archery range

-  wrap beams in Chapel with blue pine 

- panel women's side of the outhouse 


Work Weekend Sign Up

May 17 - 19
Camp Story's Annual Work Weekend will begin around 4pm on Friday May 17th. Dinner will be at 6pm that night. A full schedule will be on the whiteboard located on the exterior of the Lodge at Camp Story. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact Alicia Ford. at 307-763-0919 or

Meals Needed 

Thanks for Registering!

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