Leaders in Training


Alumni senior high campers receive in depth leadership training an one on one mentoring, as they shadow camp staff and gain valuable leadership skills through hands-on experience. 

AGES : 14-17

COST : $150

DATES : June 13-23



Whooooo's ready for a week of nighttime fun? Enjoy camp like you've never seen it before with stargazing, flashlight games, late-night campfires, glow in the dark games and more! Stay up late each night and sleep in the next day after a night of fun under the moon. We'll have breakfast at lunch, lunch at dinner, and dinner when the stars are in the sky.

AGES : 14-17
COST : $270
DATES : July 11-16


This brief intro to camp is perfect for our youngest campers. Accompanied by a loved one, they get to share all the aspects of their first camp experience! Each camper brings one adult for the weekend. 

Check in Friday 4pm-5pm, Check out Sunday 10:30am

AGES : 5-7
COST : $130
DATES : June 18-20



Camp Story’s six day Wild Faith Camp offers a variety of outdoor adventures and programming - all infused with inspirational discipleship, outdoor education, and opportunities to form new relationships and strengthen existing ones. There is no better place to escape the trappings of this world and experience what it means to be a true disciple of God’s Word than in the forest surrounded by His natural creations.

AGES : 11 - 13
COST : $270
DATES : June 6 - 11 


This is your campers first real summer camp experience! They will stay three nights at camp without a parent enjoying the company and atmosphere of the camp with other fellow campers. This is the first camp experience of many more to come. 

AGES : 7-10
COST : $160
DATES : June 20 - 23